Projecto Video Tutorials

Our customer support team has been busy updating the online video tutorials for Projecto, our award-winning capital project tracking system. Each movie leads you step-by-step through a specific Projecto function. Both new and experienced users will benefit from the clear, concise instruction. Click on a link below to see for yourself:

Projecto v6 – New Projects
7 Step Project Setup
Step 3. Select A Project Manager
Step 4a. Select A Schedule Template – Schedule Phases
Step 4b. Select A Schedule Template – Phase Dates
Step 5. Select a Workflow Template
Step 8. Project Setup – The Unit Costs Checkbox

Projecto v6 – Viewing & Editing
Projecto – Pre-configured Find Filters
Projecto – Pop-up Menus
Projecto – Drop-down Menus w/Type Ahead, Text & Date Fields
Projecto – Current Status & Status Reporting 101
Projecto – Current Year Dates – a short tutorial about a shortcut

Projecto V6 – Project Workflow
Project Workflow

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