New! FileMaker Go

Today, Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. announced the release of FileMaker Go, which immediately brings the power and flexibility of FileMaker-built solutions to the Apple iPhone and iPad. As the leading provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) developed on the FileMaker platform, Wizard Software Solutions is uniquely positioned to deliver applications and user interfaces which take maximum advantage of these powerful and immensely popular mobile devices.

“The availability of our applications on the iPhone and iPad is a very exciting opportunity for us and especially our clients,” said Dave Johnson, Wizard Software’s President and CEO. “In the next few weeks, our growing community of users in facilities maintenance, project management and commercial real estate are going to be very excited to see what they will be capable of doing while on the go.”

Mobile solutions are being designed using the new technology to extend the reach and convenience of all current Wizard Software Solutions products and services. Here are just a few examples:

• Project managers entering project updates and meeting notes, requesting information from contractors or viewing the latest project financials posted from enterprise systems such as Oracle, Lawson or SAP.

• Workers and maintenance crews completing work orders, asset condition assessments and preventive maintenance tasks.

• Real estate directors viewing lease and site portfolio data, forecasted and actual costs, critical dates and documents in real time.

Existing Wizard Software clients will be able to take advantage of these new mobile apps without disruption to their existing software systems and work processes. Users will be able to access their data via internal WiFi infrastructure or over the Internet using 3G wireless networks.

Stay tuned to Wizard Watch for specific product announcements as they are unveiled. Learn more about FileMaker Go at

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