Facility Wizard Software is now Wizard Software Solutions

New name reflects expanding market of integrated software solutions beyond facilities

CHICAGO, Illinois March 1, 2012 – Celebrating more than 20 years of building and deploying IWMS software solutions to more than 750 corporations and institutions, Facility Wizard Software announced today it will begin operating under the new name Wizard Software Solutions. The new name is designed to reflect the expanding reach and sophistication of the company’s clients, software and professional services.

“We’re excited about this change for three reasons”, said Dave Johnson, the company’s President and CEO. “First, our solutions are going beyond just facilities. Groups like finance, manufacturing, clinical engineering and IT are discovering the value of our software. We are introducing new products that are built to connect and interact with enterprise ERP systems like Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and Lawson.”

“Next, we want to emphasize the ‘wizardly’ aspect of what we do. The productivity of our users is our #1 value proposition and our user experience is second to none. We make it surprisingly simple to work with information that’s typically not easy to access. Even though it’s routine for us, it seems like magic to our users, and we want our identity to reflect that magical quality.”

“Third, we also want to promote our philosophy that it’s not just about the software on its own but it’s the complete solution – including mobile apps, enterpise integration and superior professional services – that are all a part of our clients’ success.”

The company’s website will now be at http://www.wizardsoftware.net. Customer logins, web pages, support links and email addresses using the facilitywizard.com domain will continue to work indefinitely without interruption.