Approval Routing in Projecto

Projecto Tutorial- Invoice Approval Routes

When it comes to customer service and helping a business run better, technology allows better and more efficient communication.

At Wizard Software, we take a lot of pride in our customer service. One of the many ways we do this is by offering video tutorials to go along with our products. They give the customer the option of learning the software in a simple and effective way, with minimal disruption to their day. Those of us who have been on an endless transfer loop while trying to get service from large companies will testify that it is not always easy to be patient when all you have is a simple question, and all you want is a simple answer.

These tutorials are for the users. They improve user experience and they are offered with that purpose in mind. Video tutorials cover many topics, for all the different versions of our software, for each product that we offer.

We have featured one below—the first in a three part video series about Projecto’s Approval Routing feature, how it works, and how to use it to maximize its benefit to you.

New Hosting Infrastructure

Rack serverAs part of our continuous effort to increase the level of service to our clients, Facility Wizard Hosting operations migrated to a new SAS70 Type II Audit data center on Saturday, May 7, 2011. The facility, along with our newly upgraded IT infrastructure, provides state-of-the-art performance, security, data protection and uptime for our hosted applications. For more information, please visit CoreLink’s Web site.

REportfolio Map Sites

One of the exciting new benefits of REportfolio v.6 is the ability to display multiple sites on a map. The location of each site in the found set is indicated with a red flag. Clicking on a flag shows summary information along with an image of the site.

The Map Sites feature is available in both the software and Online Portfolio interfaces.

Workorderama for Public Works

Workorderama-PW™ is the newest addition to our award-winning family of asset and work order management systems. It is specifically designed for the unique needs of Public Works departments with special features to manage electric, water, wastewater, forestry and sign assets.

Workorderama PM mapping

Workorderama-PW lets you use your digital asset data without learning how to use GIS software. A simple map interface lets you pick work areas or individual network assets and add them directly to work orders. Or, you can use the map window to see completed work. Switch between easy-to-read street maps or aerial photos provided by Microsoft® Bing™ Maps. That means there’s no need for a real time connection to your GIS system.

For more information, click here.