The Wizard Help Desk

Submitting a Help Ticket

We love helping our customers. Our tech support is a standard service and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the assistance you need. At Wizard Software, we make it as easy as possible to get fast and helpful support.

It works like this: You contact us, a help ticket is logged and a support representative will reply via phone or email typically within one hour.

The most efficient contact method is to send email to This email account is monitored by multiple customer support staff and a help ticket is logged immediately. The more detail you can provide in the way of error messages, screen shots or a description of the situation, the better.

You may also call Wizard Software at 773-832-0200 for help, and we will create a help ticket. Usually we are able to answer the phone and log the request while you are on the phone.

If you call and do not reach a person, please leave a message, or simply send an email to Again… more detail is better.

Once a help ticket is in the queue, a support representative will contact you and assist in resolving the issue.

We use secure screen-sharing software to see what’s going on. The screen-sharing software is accessed via Screen-sharing software makes resolving tech support issues so much more efficient and is a huge part of how we resolve issues quickly.

As necessary, requests are escalated to the other Wizard Software departments, whether that be sales, project management or IT.

The support department checks email and voicemail regularly and our goal is to address each request within one hour of receipt.

Please let us know how we’re doing – we’d love to hear from you.

Multiple Find Requests

There are many occasions when you’ll want to create a very specific found set based on multiple criteria. This is not only possible but in fact quite easy to do using the magical Wizard Find button.

In the Workorderama example below, we want to find all of the electrical type work orders for Center 1 and Center 2. Simply click the Find button and enter the type Electrical and Building Center 1. Next go to the Requests menu and select Add New Request.

This creates a second line where we enter Type Electrical and Building Center 2. Hit Return and it will generate a list of Electrical work orders for Center 1 and Center 2. It’s that simple. You can create as many additional lines as you want.

Once you have your Found Set just the way you want it, you can go to Reports and print all of the standard reports for that data.

REportfolio 12 Month $ Forecast Report Tip

In REportfolio, the default starting date for the 12 Month $ Forecast Report is the current month.

If, however, your boss asks for a forecast report for Q1 and Q2 15 minutes before a meeting, don’t panic. You can easily choose a different starting month by using the Payments drop-down menus. Simply set the Month to January and the Year to 2010.

Then click the Excel Export button to save the report to a spreadsheet for fast editing and formatting. Your boss will be impressed!

REportfolio Map Sites

One of the exciting new benefits of REportfolio v.6 is the ability to display multiple sites on a map. The location of each site in the found set is indicated with a red flag. Clicking on a flag shows summary information along with an image of the site.

The Map Sites feature is available in both the software and Online Portfolio interfaces.