Multiple Find Requests

There are many occasions when you’ll want to create a very specific found set based on multiple criteria. This is not only possible but in fact quite easy to do using the magical Wizard Find button.

In the Workorderama example below, we want to find all of the electrical type work orders for Center 1 and Center 2. Simply click the Find button and enter the type Electrical and Building Center 1. Next go to the Requests menu and select Add New Request.

This creates a second line where we enter Type Electrical and Building Center 2. Hit Return and it will generate a list of Electrical work orders for Center 1 and Center 2. It’s that simple. You can create as many additional lines as you want.

Once you have your Found Set just the way you want it, you can go to Reports and print all of the standard reports for that data.

REportfolio 12 Month $ Forecast Report Tip

In REportfolio, the default starting date for the 12 Month $ Forecast Report is the current month.

If, however, your boss asks for a forecast report for Q1 and Q2 15 minutes before a meeting, don’t panic. You can easily choose a different starting month by using the Payments drop-down menus. Simply set the Month to January and the Year to 2010.

Then click the Excel Export button to save the report to a spreadsheet for fast editing and formatting. Your boss will be impressed!

Projecto Video Tutorials

Our customer support team has been busy updating the online video tutorials for Projecto, our award-winning capital project tracking system. Each movie leads you step-by-step through a specific Projecto function. Both new and experienced users will benefit from the clear, concise instruction. Click on a link below to see for yourself:

Projecto v6 – New Projects
7 Step Project Setup
Step 3. Select A Project Manager
Step 4a. Select A Schedule Template – Schedule Phases
Step 4b. Select A Schedule Template – Phase Dates
Step 5. Select a Workflow Template
Step 8. Project Setup – The Unit Costs Checkbox

Projecto v6 – Viewing & Editing
Projecto – Pre-configured Find Filters
Projecto – Pop-up Menus
Projecto – Drop-down Menus w/Type Ahead, Text & Date Fields
Projecto – Current Status & Status Reporting 101
Projecto – Current Year Dates – a short tutorial about a shortcut

Projecto V6 – Project Workflow
Project Workflow