Windy City Solutions: 2nd Annual User Conference in Chicago

Wizard Software Solutions is hosting its second annual user conference– Windy City Solutions on September 20th-22nd in Chicago, IL.

This conference is for Wizard Software clients to learn more about their software and how to be more efficient. Users can network with those from other industries using the same products, or conversely, see what those in the same industry are doing with their software.

This conference is valuable time to learn best business practices, network with other clients and Wizard employees and get a first look at new products and features in our solutions. Clients get two days to ask questions, learn new things about the software and get ideas about how to best to work in your solution. The conference can also be a great opportunity to ask about a particular product before purchasing it, by sitting down with a current user or a member of Wizard Software’s staff.

After last year’s success Wizard Software is looking forward to doing it all again this September with an opening reception at the top of the Tribune Tower, and a baseball game outing to Wrigley field Monday night.

Customize vs. Configure: What’s in a Name?

When we buy goods or services we have certain expectations based on the research we’ve done, the price we’re paying, and the way those goods and services have been sold to us. Will we get everything that’s promised? Will the product work as expected? If the product is software, or software as a service, the stakes are high to find something that works well. Because when it works well, even after paying a large amount initially, the idea is for the investment to pay itself off ten-fold or more. The time it saves you translates to dollars. A more efficient operation is very important whether you are a bank, a restaurant, or the facilities department at a university or healthcare network.

In order to achieve efficiency, to save money, sometimes software is customized or configured to fit the needs of a certain client or business. Not everyone works the same way, why should the software be the same? Business practices differ and some work environments have more requirements and regulations that they must follow. When your software can be custom-tailored, all the better. You are choosing to be more efficient and the software that is helping you manage your facility is not tripping you up. So far so good. As with most other things technology related, there is more behind these customizations or configurations than meets the eye.

The difference between the two is their connotation. A development platform like FileMaker allows for customizations to software that other platforms don’t allow. This development asset means that things like auto-approval routing, creating and running reports for analysis and other ‘data-out’ functionalities that make business run so smoothly are things that have been developed behind the scenes that take work to develop. Whether it is a customization or a configuration the business benefits can easily be quantified in time saved, and thereby money saved.

ASHE Annual Conference: Wizards Attend

This year the ASHE Annual Conference is in Atlanta, Georgia July 21-24, 2013. Wizard Software looks forward to showcasing their iPad and iPhone apps as well as our software applications—Performo, REportfolio and Projecto.

Visit us at both 134. We enjoy visiting  with current customers, and look forward to meeting new ones. The American Society for Health Care Engineering Annual Conference brings together owners, design teams, and other facilities management professionals. This year celebrates 50 years of education and networking for ASHE members and other industry individuals.

Wizards Visit IRWA

International Right of Way Association

For the Wizards, the IRWA Education Conference is a new one. The International Right of Way Association is the central authority of the right of way profession. One of our valued large city clients is active in the IRWA and introduced us to the organization. It will be a great opportunity for us to showcase how Wizard Software simplifies lease management for large land owners. We are proud of our clients who represent cities, counties and different utility districts, as well as railroads.

REportfolio ™ increases productivity for and provides valuable reporting on tracking and reporting payments and leases, as well as forecasting costs.

The Education Conference is June 23-26, 2013 in Charleston, West Virginia. If you are visiting the IRWA Educational Conference in June, stop by booth 901 and learn about all the great ways you can use REportfolio ™ to manage real property assets.

Thank You Steve Jobs

Here are a few of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes:

“At Apple we come at everything asking, ‘How easy is this going to be for the user? How great is it going to be for the user?’”

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

“An adult looks at a computer and says, ‘what does it do?’ A child looks at a computer and says, ‘What can I do with it?'”

We would be nowhere close to where we are today without Steve Jobs’ vision, passion and relentless focus on the experience of the end user. He will be missed, but everything we do will continue to be touched by his genius.

Thank you Steve Jobs for setting the bar so high.

– Dave Johnson, President/CEO

Thank You!

As we say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011, we would like to pause to thank all of you for making this past year a success and to wish you a prosperous and profitable new year.

Stay tuned because 2011 is going to be filled with exciting new products and upgrades.