A New Normal: Mobile in the Facilities and Construction Workplace

Even now, mobile is really nothing new. Smart phones have been around a few years, and mobile applications, laptops, tablets and even ‘phablets’ are a regular part of the technology landscape both at work and at home. Mobile technology is becoming increasingly important in the facilities and construction workplace as well. Three overriding concerns, where mobile becomes if not very helpful, but invaluable, is in cost estimation, project management, and safety.

Mobile technology makes photos, document uploads, and text updates possible and gives both those in the field and out access to up to the minute updates on projects. Cloud technology, too gives project managers, construction techs and executive access to archived information as well as the most recent updates.

These updates include topics like safety, which is very important in the construction workplace, as well as ongoing project updates pertaining to things like budget, materials and the job site itself. With photos these updates can be that much more effective in driving decisions and moving a project forward with efficiency. Money spent on a mobile infrastructure in any facilities management scenario quickly pays it self off in time saved, and additional money saved by extension.

Viewing blueprints and plans, and the subsequent changes to them, as they happen, is very useful and saves time. Whether you are a project manager, contractor, or vendor, mobile technology in the work force is becoming less of a ‘why should we’ question and more of a ‘when can we’ question. The modern workforce is moving forward rapidly and mobile is an integral part of how business moves today, in every industry including facilities management.